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Superman has finally freed the bottled city of Kandor and the first Kandorian Liberation day is at hand. All eyes shall be on Kandor as Diana of Themyscira comes out of hiding to pay her respects. Will the truth be reveled? No armor and constant crimson eyes?
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7 Ludicrous Superhero Sex Scenes You Could Only Find in Comics

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Superman/Wonder Woman Fan Fiction Index

Wonder Woman is breaking a lot of superhero barriers. With a female director at the helm and a woman as the lead character, the film has already cemented its spot in Hollywood history. But there's one other way in which it is changing the narrative: sex. Wonder Woman is a sex-positive hero , the likes of which we've never seen before in comic book-centric movies. She's comfortable with sex and her sexuality, and, as the film makes very clear in one scene, doesn't feel that she has to rely on men for pleasure, either. When we first meet her in the movie, Diana Prince is an Amazon Princess who has never seen a man in her life.
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Superman and Wonder Woman: Together at Last!

We're not going to get into the mechanics of superhero sex, but let's be honest, Lois Lane was never really a good fit for Superman, right? In the new issue of DC Comics' Justice League out Wednesday, the Man of Steel has struck up a romance and potential long-term relationship with someone a little more his speed: Wonder Woman. Affleck Out, Wachowskis in to direct Justice League flick?
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Ah, how things change over four decades. The above quote comes from Superman in World's Finest explaining that - despite his natural attraction to Wonder Woman - the two of them could never progress past friendship Admittedly, the "why" is somewhat hidden in his statement; let's put it down to his heart belonging to Lois Lane at the time, shall we? He delivers the line at the end of a story that saw the two Justice Leaguers team up to fight crime after being set up on a blind date together by a computer dating service, with Wonder Woman telling him, "Funny… we've been acquaintances for years -- Yet we've never really gotten to be friends!

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