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When a year-old surrogate mother learned that she was carrying twins instead of the single child she initially signed up for, she thought nothing of it. That was, until the "twins" were born and she quickly realized they were anything but. In truth, the mother had unknowingly conceived naturally despite already carrying another couple's child. The case is rare, but biologically speaking, completely plausible. The biological term for becoming pregnant while already pregnant is superfetation , and this can occur when a pregnant woman continues to ovulate even after conception. If a woman has sex during this period she can conceive a second child, which would grow next to the first in its own amniotic sac.
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Want to know how to get pregnant with twins? Here's everything you need to know | Closer

In Central Africa, the twinning rate is almost 30 in every 1, births; in much of Asia and Latin America, the average is as low as eight per 1, births. There are, of course, different types of twins. The first distinction to make when discuss twins is whether they are identical or fraternal twins. Fraternal twins, also known as dizygotic twins, are the most common type of twin. This is when two eggs are fertilised by two different sperm cells.
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The moment those two little pink lines appear, confirming your suspicions, your life changes. Your ultrasound tech smiles as you expose your midsection in anticipation of seeing that little bean for the first time and knowing for sure that you are indeed pregnant. You notice your tech staring at the screen a little too intently, as she moves her wand around getting different views. You have officially entered a whole new realm of pregnancy! Welcome to a High Risk pregnancy.
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Women today are waiting longer to start families. The use of infertility treatments has also gone up over time, raising the likelihood of multiple births. But there are certain genetic factors and medical treatments that might increase the possibility. It involves using medical intervention in order to conceive.

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