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Parents of troubled teens will try almost anything to get their kid back on the right track. There are many options and one of those is a teen boot camp. This controversial option is an appropriate choice for some teens but can potentially make problems worse for others. It is important for parents to understand what a boot camp is before sending their teen to one. It may work great for turning around a kid who is headed to a life of crime, but it may be too severe for teens struggling with mental health issues or minor behavioral problems.
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Juvenile Boot Camps – Boot Camps for Troubled Teens | Aspen Education Programs

There is an old adage that daughters are sugar and spice and everything nice. This is a lovely sentiment that rarely holds up entirely in the real world of raising a teenage girl. When that sweet little girl that was a ray of sunshine as a child turns into a troubled teenager, that can break the hearts of her parents. Naturally, you want to do anything you can do to help your little girl get back on the right track. There are a number of options for accomplishing this goal. One such option is to send her to a boot camp for girls.
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Juvenile Boot Camps – Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Many parents searching for a Boarding School are seeking help for an out of control youth. It is difficult to find boarding schools for kindergarten through sixth grade. In many cases it may be better to try local options rather than send the child away from home.
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Teens with behavioral issues sometimes need more help than parents can give. When your teen is disobedient, belligerent and defies you on issues large and small, you may be wondering if a behavior boot camp is the answer. Most people have seen news reports of teen boot camps with cruel and abusive staff members. In fact, these camps have gained such a horrible reputation that they are nearly extinct.

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